Calling All Dancers!

Pastry, America’s #1 Dance Sneaker, is excited to present our 2022-2023 Ambassador Search! We are currently seeking representatives to help us spread the Pastry message and continue to grow and enhance a community of creative people! Whether you are a Pastry enthusiast, professional dancer, choreographer, coach, influencer or dance parent… we have a program for you! You may apply through the link below to submit your final application. Selections for the 2022-2023 Pastry Ambassador Season will be announced via social media and email later this summer! We cannot wait to kick off a fantastic season with the best around!

  • Our Pastry Crew Ambassadors are the largest and broadest need of all! We are looking to create an amazing community of positivity, fun, and creativity, while sharing new fashion inspiration through movement. We are looking for well rounded leaders within the dance community to share their experiences, mixed with their passion for dance! Our Pastry Crew Ambassadors will be featured on various platforms, and will be informed of new and exciting happenings at Pastry! Pastry Crew can be called upon for #PastryPopUps and will be given access to online specials!

  • Our Pastry Premier Ambassadors will be forefront on our Pastry social media content, providing high quality photos, videos, dances, choreography and more! We are looking for high energy, dance-minded individuals who will represent Pastry with positivity, innovation, and flair! Pastry Premier Ambassadors will be given exclusive perks and access to #PastryPerks for their contributions. Pastry Premier Ambassadors can come from a variety of dance avenues, and will be present at #PastryPopUps and affiliate events alike! If you are camera ready and confident on the stage and screen, this is the perfect role for you!

  • Our Pastry Pro Ambassadors are the role models of the amazing dance community, and of the current industry professionals. If you are a Professional Team Dancer/Cheerleader, College Dancer, Dance Coach, Choreographer or similar, you are a fantastic candidate for the Pastry Pro Ambassador Program! We are looking for highly motivated, experienced dancers looking to share Pastry with their followers and networks! Unlike our Pastry Premier Ambassadors, a commission-based incentive program is available in this tier.