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Pastry is stepping up and joining in the fight with Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund to support girls and young women that have experienced the trauma of abuse and neglect. A portion of the proceeds from each Pastry purchase will go to Janie’s fund benefitting at-risk girls.

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About Janie's Fund

Steven has long had a desire to help with this issue, leading back to the 1980s when he was in a program for his personal recovery. There, he heard a story of a woman who had experienced incredibly painful and debilitating sexual abuse as a child and how those gruesome events put her on a path of suffering that eventually led to her abusing drugs to mask the pain.

When Steven wrote the song “Janie’s Got a Gun” in 1989, he told the story of a young girl who is abused by her father. Over the 29 years since that song was released, Steven says he has often thought about what could have been done to prevent that kind of abuse. What kind of help could Janie have received that would have prevented her trauma? How often does sexual abuse like this happen in our country? What can we do about it? With Janie’s Fund, Steven is using his big voice to give a voice to the thousands of victims who haven’t had one. He feels this is his life’s work and legacy.

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  • The charitable initiative launched on Nov. 8, 2015, on the 26th anniversary of the release of the hit song “Janie’s Got A Gun.”
  • The world helped Steven share his news. His celebrity friends, including Bono, Elton
  • John, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Pink, Miley Cyrus, Zach Brown, Garth Brooks, Ryan Seacrest and Howard Stern, helped him announce Janie’s Fund through social media.
  • In December 2016, Steven Tyler received the Humanitarian Award at the United Nations Ambassadors Ball for his work at Janie’s Fund to both give voice and lend hope to those girls and women around the world that have suffered the horrific trauma of abuse.
  • In its first five years of existence, more than 4,000 supporters from more than 40 countries have contributed to Janie’s Fund, helping raise more than $11 million.
  • Proceeds raised to date have directly provided 217,000 days of counseling and trauma informed care for more than 1,500 girls, including supporting 30 girls daily that receive safe, therapeutic services in our two Janie’s Houses — Memphis, TN and Douglasville, GA.
  • Community of 80,000+ highly engaged supporters and followers on social media have shared thousands of messages of hope and healing to inspire girls and woman in their recovery.


In our partnership, Pastry has decided to give a portion of the proceeds from every Pastry purchase to Janie’s Fund.
When you buy a pair of our shoes, you are directly supporting awareness and care for at-risk girls.