Stay Stress Free On National Stress Awareness Day

Most days we wake up and go through our morning routine. Then we head to school , or work. We power through our day just to collapse into our bed and do it again! With everything going on, it’s easy to forget to treat our mind and body with love and care. Today, we are celebrating #NationStressAwareness. Here are some tips for making sure you enjoy all the little things about your day…

  1. YOU are just as important as all of your tasks.
    We’ve got one life guys. When we ignore the little hints our bodies give us to slow down; crashing is inevitable. Listen to your body.
  2. Stretch every morning. 
    You don’t have to be a professional yogi to wake your body up.
    Take 20-30 seconds in a couple simple stretch poses to tell your muscles you care. You can do things like touch your toes, circle your arms, reach side to side and stretch that torso. Whatever you do, do your diligence and give it a solid quarter of a minute or more. This will give your mind the time it needs to center.
  3. Walk wherever you can, whenever you can.
    It’s a simple way to keep yourself body aware.
  4. Smell the roses!
    The earth gives us so many small pleasures that we let pass us by. Sometimes taking that quick second to appreciate our world is all we need to calm down.
  5. Tell yourself you’re beautiful. 
    The one person that you’ll ALWAYS go to sleep with is yourself.
    Love that person.
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