Pastry Dance Crew’s Tips for Back to School, Dance and Cheer

Pastry Dance Crew’s Tips for Back to School, Dance and Cheer

We have enjoyed all of our #SummertimeFine memories and have the Instagram likes to prove it. Although we will miss #SummerVibesAndTanLines, we are super excited to get back to dance and cheer! Some of our favorite Pastry Dance Crew members are giving us vital tips on how to make the change from summer fun to back to school, dance and cheer this year.

Dance Prep 101

studio trainer Black_White Travis Johnson 3

1. H20 for the Dancer on the GoMultiple styles Cassatta lo black_white Cassatta Black_white Sammy B and Blake Hendricks 5Blake drinks Gatorade or a large bottle of Smart Water before, during and after each class. This keeps him ready for a long day of school and dance classes.

2. Make Time for your MusclesCassatta Lo Black_White Joy Davila 3Olivia stretches every morning and night to keep her muscles limber so she can execute all moves effortlessly.

3. Cardi O Not Cardi BRecovery Slide Black Travis Johnson 3Travis makes sure he hits the gym to stretch and does cardio to remain in shape.

4. Master Classes on DeckParis Praline Black_Black Mya Johnson 2Mya makes sure she checks out her favorite choreographers’ schedules so she can attend their classes as well as watches their latest videos.

5. Dance to the Beat with Pastry on your Feetall shoes for BTS Aly Smith 1Aly makes sure she is in Pastry all day every day. Whether she’s on set for a TV show, dancing or even wearing the new Recovery Slide on the beach or plane, she is always ready to bust a move if the occasion arises.

Back to School 101:

Paris Praline White_White Sammy B and BLake Hendricks 13

1. Get your Beauty Sleep.Cassatta White Vivienne King 16Vivienne starts going to bed and waking up earlier the week before school starts. Despite how hard this is to do, it really makes a difference for her.

2. Bookbag PrepParis Praline Black_White Joy Davila 3Olivia makes sure she has both her school and dance bag ready each night before she goes to bed. Being able to grab them as she heads out the door starts her mornings off right.

3. Preplan your SlayParis Praline Black_Black Vivienne King 2Vivienne puts together an outfit for each day of the week in advance. She even picks out her accessories and shoes too. Obviously, she has Pastry shoes lined up for every day of the week!

4. Have Fun!Pop Tart Grid Black_White Mya Johnson 3Mya does her best to have fun when school starts. By planning ahead and making sure she has things on her schedule that she loves, like attending dance classes taught by her favorite choreographers, she is able to focus better in school and have fun along the way.

5. Give BackCustom Spirit White Vivienne King 9Vivienne cleans out her closet and donate the things that she has outgrown. She loves starting off the year fresh and uncluttered.

6. Homework Comes Firststudio trainer Black_White travis johnson 2Travis makes sure he pays attention to his school and dance schedule so he knows when he is going to do his homework each night. By knowing his schedule ahead of time, Travis makes sure he always has time for homework first.

7. Make More Summer MemoriesStudio Trainer Black_White Vivienne King 21Vivienne spends her last few days of summer hanging out with friends so they can enjoy their last few days before the school grind begins.

Pop Tart Grid Navy Aly Smith 1Now that you’ve heard some great tips, are you ready for another year of school, dance and cheer? What are your must haves to get your ready for another year?

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