Meet the Newest Editions to the Customizable Family!

Meet the Newest Editions to the Customizable Family!

Pastry has had a busy summer bringing you TWO new footwear options to help you get #TeamReady. First, we would like to welcome the Recovery Slide.

Recovery Slide

The Recovery Slide does exactly as its name states, it helps you recover after a performance, practice or just a long day on your feet. The slide, which comes in all black, has a contoured footbed to provide your feet the relief they need after some serious footwork.

Love pastry 2-740

This customizable, lightweight slide comes in a mesh bag making it easy to carry. The bandage upper contains a blank removable strap that you can customize. This slide comes with not one but two sets of straps providing you with endless customizable options! The straps can be customized by using a simple heat transfer or any way you choose including screen printing, embroidery, rhinestones, glitter print and airbrushing. Once you receive your shoes, head to your local printer to customize your slides.

Love pastry 2-729

Show us how you rock your Recovery Slide by tagging us on social media and using the following hashtags #recoveryslide #lovepastry #1dancesneaker. Don’t forget to check out the Custom Spirit, the second addition the Customizable Collection.

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