6 Reasons Why We Love Dance Dads

6 Reasons Why We Love Dance Dads

With Father’s Day just a few days away we wanted to take a second and say thank you to the wonderful men who support dancers on and off the stage. In the Dance Community we focus on the Dance Mom all the time. Mom has T-shirts, bumper stickers and more. But what about Dad? How do we show him our appreciation? Here at Pastry, we enlisted the help of our awesome #PastryDanceCrew to tell the father figures in our lives how much they mean to us.

1.  He is My #1 Fan

vivi dance“My dad is awesome! He does so many amazing things for our family. Before he heads to the office, he makes breakfast for the family. When I’m performing, I can always hear him in the audience because he can whistle really loudly. I’m so happy that he’s my dad. I love him so much!”

~ Vivienne King @vivienne5678

2. He Spends Quality Time with Me

olivia“I love my dad because he always makes time to hang out and play games with me. He makes sure I’m happy.”

~Tristan Davila @jdavila09

3. He is my Hero

alexis       “I have a hero and I call him Grandpa. My grandfather is not only my hero but also one of my biggest fans! He supports me in everything I do and I could not imagine what it would be like without him!! Thank you, Grandpa, for all of your love and support always! Happy Father’s Day! <3”

~ Alexis Dirubbio @alexis_afpa

4. He Loves Me

dance“My dad is perfect for me. He is so sweet and loves me unconditionally. He works so hard for our family but he always finds time to take me mountain biking, surfing, and he comes to my dance competitions to cheer me on. My dad doesn’t care if I get first place or if I don’t place at all. He loves and supports me in everything I do. I love you Daddy.”

~ Morgan Landrigan @morganlandrigan

5. He is a Great Chef

OLIVIA 7“I love my dad because whenever I’m bored he takes me to fun places. He loves explaining things to me to make sure I understand. Oh and he cooks great food.”

~ Olivia Davila @jdavila09

6. He Supports My Dreams

lilly 2       “I love my dad because he is supportive and let me go all the way to Los Angeles just so I could follow my dreams. He also will do anything for me. For example, if I really want to do a family game night but no one else wants to play, my dad would be the one who plays with me. He also made me so I guess that’s important. I also love him because he cares about me and gives me a home. I just want to say thanks for being the best dad ever.”

~ Lilly Ketchman @lillykofficial

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